Industrial SodaBlasting - Metal and Surface Cleaning

Tauranga Sodablasting is very effective at dealing with grime, grease and dirt associated with many industrial operations, as well as removing coatings and other contaminates from a variety of surface.

Natrium 260 Soda Blast media will not profile steel and when a coating is removed from a metal surface by soda blasting, the existing anchor pattern under the coating is exposed. Unless corrosion has occured previously, there is no need to re profile the surface.

Industrial Cleaning

With industrial applications there are distinct advantages with using Soda Blasting

  • Downtime is minimized as no pre cleaning is required
  • Seals, bearings , hydraulics and rubber is not affected
  • The Sodium bicarbonate does not produce heat and sparks so can be used in flammable areas
  • Minimal waste due to the water soluability of baking soda. In most non hazardous applications, the blasting residue can be rinsed into sanitary drains or sewers which flush the residue to a water treatment facility, greatly reducing clean up time. Sodium bicarbonate is actually beneficial to waste water treatment systems.

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