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Boat in dry dock/on slipway for sandblasting


Complete Boat Hull Maintenance

Protecting boat and marine equipment is what we do at Tauranga Sandblasting. We remove anti-fouling from boat hulls, rust from metal surfaces and reapply an effective protective paint and powder coating where appropriate. So you can have full use of your seagoing vessel for as long as possible.

We make sure we complete the job quickly, and on the day and time we said we would. That way you can be on the water till the last moment and be back at sea as scheduled.

We do a lot of work for local Tauranga and BOP boaties and commercial fishermen, but overseas visitors also find our services handy. It's convenient to stop at Tauranga, leave the maintenance of the vessel to us and go on an overland trip in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, the nearby tourist town of Rotorua or even a spot of trout fishing at Taupo!

Wherever you're from, whether you use the boat for leisure or work, you can entrust your steel hull or aluminium hull boat to us. You can be assured we'll treat it with care and your boat will come out perfectly, ready for your next voyage.



Sandblasted boat keelAnti-foul And Rust Blasted Away, Protective Coatings Reapplied

The team at Tauranga Sandblasting are experts at removing anti-fouling, cleaning rust, crusted salt or any other unwanted build up from metal surfaces – whether it's a smooth hull, gnarly machinery or delicate equipment.

We work with boats coming in to have anti-foul removed, ones undergoing refit and repair, and even brand new vessels.

While we're working on one part of the boat, you may as well use the opportunity to let us to inspect and rust-proof other metal fittings on board. Sometimes corrosion can start in seams, hinges, pulleys and machine parts. Abrasive blasting allows us to not only clean surfaces, but to get into all the little nooks and crannies you could never reach by hand or with power tools to clean out the rust and dirt.

Abrasive blasting is only one part of the process to protect your boat from the marine environment. More often than not, we follow this up by applying a protective coating or combination of coatings – whether paint or powder coat. We specialise in the use of Altex, PPG and Akzo International paint systems to give your marine equipment the best, most practical protection available.


Where we can sandblast your boat

We can sandblast your vessel on a slipway, where the boat is stored or in our own blast booth.

Our site in Mt Maunganui is equipped with a 20m x 6m x 6m protected blasting booth, housed inside an even larger clean warehouse and paint shop measuring 60m x 40 x 20m. So we can accommodate even fairly large vessels. A close working relationship with nearby McLeod Cranes enable us to move boats and yachts carefully and safely.

For larger vessels, we work closely with the Tauranga City Council slipway at Sulphur Point, next to the harbour bridge in Tauranga. We even have a fully equipped mobile unit that we often take to the slipway to clean your vessel effectively and quickly.


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