The combination of salt water, sun and wind make the marine environment one of the toughest places to combat rust. Any steel surface that becomes exposed because the protective coating is chipped or worn away will start to corrode almost immediately. Once rust has started, it takes drastic measures to curb its spread.

Because of friction and the potential for even slight movement of parts relative to each other to wear away or crack coatings, moving parts and fasteners are usually most susceptible to rust. As soon as the metal is exposed to oxygen, it starts to rust.

So be on the lookout for the start of rust wherever metal moves against metal, even just seams where two plates connect. Uneven expansion and contraction is enough to rip protective coatings and allow air and salt water to enter. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymers and dry-film lubricants are recommended in these places.

Even surfaces free of seams and movements can be at risk if there are any holes in the coating. Thick coatings such as epoxy and urethane provide good protection for such surfaces.

Radiation and temperatures could also pose risks, as organic-based coatings tend to become more porous at higher temperatures, opening the door (microscopically speaking!) for oxygen to penetrate and reach the metal substrate.

For a gentler clean on your equipment try our Sodablasting Service Sodablasting is safe, environmentally friendly and
  • Cleans steel, metal, fibreglass and concrete surfaces
  • Strips paint from vehicles, boat hulls & masonry
  • Effective and non toxic on food processing equipment
  • Tough on graffiti & contaminates in the industrial sector
  • Is a non destructive cleaning and stripping process


"Tauranga Sandblasting's team constantly delivers high quality work carried out Safely and on time for the last ten years."

Gull New Zealand Limited

"For the last 7 years we have used Tauranga Sandblasting to blast and re-paint onsite structural steel, refrigeration pipe work and ancillary equipment. Where it is possible, any equipment is relocated to their enclosed and environmentally protected processing facility.

Tauranga Sandblasting have always carried out any work in a professional manner, with due concerns for any environmental, operational and compliance issues before they arise. In conjunction with a paint supplier's specification, we have utilised their experience in recommending  and applying paint systems for long term applications in our harsh environment.

To date, all work done is performing to specification which reflects Tauranga Sandblasting's attention to suitability, preparation and application of paint systems."

Peter B. Martin - Sanford Limited, Tauranga