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Your Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Painting Specialists in the Bay of Plenty


sandblasting Protecting your equipment is what we do at Tauranga Sandblasting. Our specialist abrasive blasting techniques apply a garnet blast media to clean metal surfaces and prepare for further coatings. We also specialise in industrial painting with effective protective coatings where appropriate, so you can have full use of your machinery and assets for as long as possible.

We make sure we do the job quickly, and on the day and time we said we would. That way you can use your machinery and equipment till the last moment, and know you can pick it up as scheduled.

It doesn't matter if you have a boat or a bulldozer, a tractor or a trailer, a machine part or a collector's piece. You can entrust its cleaning, painting and recoating to us and know it will be cared for and come out perfectly, ready for years more use.



We do Blasting, Painting and Coatings

Abrasive blasting/sandblasting is only one part of the process to protect your machinery and equipment.

As professional industrial painters, we follow up after sandblasting with a protective coating or combination of coatings. We specialise in the use of Altex, PPG and Akzo International paint systems to give your assets the best, most practical protection available.


We blast and paint all types of industry machinery and equipment

Hard Work Truck & Trailer Units

Truck and trailer blasting away grime, rust or old paint from vehicles bodywork, stock decks, chassis or moving parts.  Repainting fleet with your colour and branding.

Strong Structural Steel

Structural steel sandblasting to remove mil scale, rust, paint, soil, oil and grime build up from metal surfaces such as I-beams and welded constructions.

Rugged Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery sandblasting in preparation for refitting, rebuilding, rebranding or simply in need of a clean.

Farm Machinery & Equipment

Sandblasting farm machinery to keep your horticultural equipment in top condition.

Smaller Vehicles & Items

Sandblasting service includes classic cars, hot rods, motorbikes to golf clubs, you can trust us to clean tem as part of your restoration process.
Rust Protection

Sandblasting for metal & rust protection. All surfaces we treat will remain rust-free for a long time.  We can apply an industrial grade protective coating to the cleaned suface within less than 4 hours, while the metal is still pristine.

Marine Vessels

Marine sandblasting to remove antifouling and apply protective coating to steel or aluminium boat hulls, while on the slipway, in storage, or in our blast booth.

Mobile Services

We even have a fully equipped mobile sandblasting unit we can bring to your place for items that aren't practical to transport.


Our Use Of Garnet Blast Media Ensures We Operate In A Safe Environment

Despite our name, at Tauranga Sandblasting we don't actually use sand for our blasting. Instead, we use specially imported garnet particles that are inert and free from the harmful silicates you find in ordinary sand.

The fact that garnet is so inert also means that it contains no particles that may remain behind on the abrasive blasted surface and react with the metal, giving you the assurance that the surfaces we treated will remain in good order for a long time to come.


Committed to quality service

Tauranga Sandblasting has been in operation since 1980, and has been under its current management since June 2017.

The Managing Directors and their hand-picked team of professionals are committed to giving you the best service possible. From the initial booking to the way we keep in touch with you, the timing of our operations and the respect with which we treat your belongings – everything we do is aimed at giving you maximum use of your equipment.

Our site on Aviation Avenue in Mt Maunganui is equipped with a 20m x 6m x 6m protected blasting booth, housed inside an even larger clean warehouse and paint shop measuring 60m x 40m x 20m, so we can accommodate even large machinery and vehicles.

So, if you have a metal surface to be cleaned anywhere in the Bay of Plenty region, the choice is clear – Tauranga Sandblasting.


To find out more about we can help you protect your assets, please feel free to contact us